As far as Prima Italiana’s wallpapers are designed for long term use, due to their versatility and ability to change the style of interior without changing wallpapers, we try to give our products a maximum of useful qualitative characteristics to ensure their durability

Firstly, these properties are manifested in high durability of our wallpapers, thereby during wallpaper’s hanging or directly at exploitation you shouldn’t worry that they will lose the shape or will be deformed.

One of the important advantages of the use of such wallpaper is its ability to stand all conditions of the room. Wallpapers won’t be changed and won’t lose their properties from effects of steam, temperature changes, water or under stay free in rooms with high humidity.

Moreover, due to the special structure of wallpapers, small scratches or abrasions will not be evident, and any effects of mechanical nature do not damage the texture of wallpapers. Due to this abundance of useful features it became possible to use our wallpapers not only in living rooms, but also in a kitchen, bathroom, toilet room, dining room, entrance hall and in many other areas for various purposes.

Thus, you shouldn’t worry about a fact that wallpapers won’t suite to a room’s planning or to the type of surface on which they will be hung.

Advice: whereas a majority of panels represented in collections are created in a form of ornament, these wallpapers can be used for decoration of insufficient flat surfaces: drawing will mask all defects of the wall.

Quite often Prima Italiana’s wallpapers are used in children's rooms. Bright shadows and beautiful ornaments allow to decorate a children's room in a delicate style, full of light and atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and warmth.

Of course, for wallpapers used in rooms of this type, it is very important to have such properties as environmental friendliness and safety. That is why all Prima Italiana’s wallpapers are composed of environmentally friendly components and have hypoallergenic properties.

High quality and safety use of our products are confirmed by  relevant certificates.

Advice: such kind of wallpapers can be hung in any room where there is a risk of contamination of surfaces, because a structure of wallpapers allows to use even detergents for their cleaning.

One of the features of Prima Italiana’s wallpapers is a resistance to sunlight. Colors on wallpapers do not burn out and do not lose their appearance, and this means that interesting prints and intense shadows will please you for a long time.

Please note, that an abundance of colors and painterly themes allows to apply wallpapers everywhere.

A wide range of application and versatility of our wallpapers is another reason for a rapid growth of the brand’s popularity.

Speaking about our collections, it is worth to note that it will be easy to distinguish them from their analogues. Prima Italiana’s wallpapers are distinguished by a presence of a decorative layer with an interesting painterly relief.

Usually almost all the collections are focused on application in classical interiors, however, a correct selection of wallpapers and harmonious combination of shadows will transform even a modern space.